Month: July 2006

  • Cisco 857 router

    I’ve finally replaced my trusty old D-Link DSL500, which I’ve had for about four years, with a Cisco 857. What can I say about these routers… well… My 857 router arrived with SDM Express, but not SDM, installed on the flash drive. While SDM Express is an improvement over the old Cisco Router Web Setup…

  • BCRAN exam

    Another one bites the dust. BCRAN exam done and dusted. Once again, lots of US-centric technology that I’m unlikely to run into in NZ, or even Europe. And of course, they never test you on the topics that you spend the most time studying :\ Anyway… three down, one to go.

  • BSCI exam

    Well, after about a month of studying dynamic routing protocols, some of which I doubt I’ll ever use or come into contact with, I passed my Cisco BSCI exam. Two down, two to go.