Cisco QoS Exam

My CCNP was due to expire in August, so I needed to pass any 642-* exam to renew it. I decided to sit the Cisco QoS exam (642-642), since it was one of two remaining exams I need to become CCIP. After a few weeks of study on and off, I’m pleased to say I passed the exam without much effort, thus renewing my CCNP for another three years. If I sit the BGP+MPLS exam next (642-691) I’ll also finally have CCIP, which should be a nice stepping stone along the way to CCIE.

Unfortunately my current job doesn’t really put my Cisco expertise to much use, which makes it a bit harder to keep the knowledge “fresh” in my head. That knowledge is also continually getting edged out by other things, such as OpenSolaris and all the daily, run of the mill sysadmin stuff I do.

I think my skills are becoming a little bit too rounded, and it’s time to really specialise in something.






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