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  • Configuring NAT66 on ScreenOS

    I recently had to deploy redeploy an old NetScreen 5GT to segregate a production LAN and create a small lab network. The production LAN has a routable IPv6 /64 prefix, delivered via a Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel. The lab network also required IPv6 connectivity. We also recently obtained a /48 prefix from Hurricane Electric, so […]

  • Exporting a X.509 certificate public key from Junos

    I’ve just spent the last couple of hours trying to find a way to export the public key from a locally generated, self-signed X.509 certificate on a Juniper SRX-100 firewall. Apparently there is no Junos CLI command to do this, so after poking around the filesystem from a shell on the box, I found the […]

  • Retrieving NetScreen/SSG config via scp

    There are a couple of prerequisites before you can copy the config from a NetScreen or SSG via scp. First, obviously ssh and scp need to be enabled: set ssh version v2 set ssh enable set scp enable And of course, you need to enable ssh management on the interface you’re going to connect to […]